Social Action

Social Action was the first public and significant act of our Sorority. Feeling compelled to join a national movement and march for a woman’s right to vote in 1913 was considered “disgraceful” to many, “useless” to some and “dangerous” for all. Yet, twenty-two African-American college women decided there was no other place they would rather be. In a time when their color was more problematic than their age, they knew they had to stand up for the rights of others in hope that one day it would include them. The commencement of that historical act demonstrated 100 years ago up until today, Delta Sigma Theta has been stepping up and speaking out against a myriad of issues and conditions facing the black community locally and internationally, with a focus on women and children. Over the last 16 years, Stone Mountain-Lithonia Alumnae Chapter has successfully been consistent to that same focus.

Over the years, we have creatively carried out the mandates prescribed by our national organization through programs dealing with Unemployment, Domestic Violence, Human trafficking, Eco-friendly lifestyle, Failing Educational Systems, Unprecedented Foreclosures, AIDS Awareness and Support, Community Outreach and Volunteerism, Leadership Development for Community and Civic leaders, Political Engagement, Social Justice and Voter Education at the Local, State, and National levels.

This year will be no different as we begin to make a footprint in the second century of our Sorority’s history.

Our focus is simple and our Motto is clear:
The 1st 100 years Delta “served” the community, the 2nd 100 years Delta teaches the community to serve.

Through our continued service, our focus will be to provide opportunities and resources for our community to serve itself. One of these resources is the Crimson Report–a community empowerment newsletter.

One of the committee’s signature events is the Domestic Violence Vigil, held yearly in October (Domestic Violence Awareness month) at Stonecrest Mall.

“Serve, before you get Served!”

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