Human Sex Trafficking Roundtable Discussion

SM-LAC’s International Awareness & Involvement and Social Action Committees held a live Human Sex Trafficking Roundtable Discussion: Impact on the International Community on Wednesday, March 22 from Noon to 1pm. View the video below.

SIGN THE PETITION to Support Anti-Sex Trafficking Legislation House Bill 341

HB 341 proposes the following:

  • Removes the sunset provision for the Mandated Trafficking Hotline Posting Law.
  • Adds the statewide Domestic Minor Trafficking hotline as a requirement to the posting.
  • Improves mandatory minimum sentences for the crime of trafficking and exploitation of children.
  • Enhances definition of trafficking offense by adding “patronizes and solicits.”
  • Adds mandatory 24 hour jail sentences for the crimes of pimping, pandering, and keeping a place of prostitution.
  • Adds as a restriction that no dangerous sexual offender may utilize the first offender statue as a defense.
  • Mandates registration to the State Sexual Offender Registry for these offense.

House Bill 341 is currently being reviewed by the Senate. Please support this petition and also contact your Georgia State Senator and request that he/she approve House Bill 341.


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